Love Thy Neighbor

As with everything else in life, kids learn best by example. Share your everyday acts of kindness. If you're taking a meal to a person in need, talk about it. If you help raise funds for worthy causes through your church, temple, or local community group, share it. If you give money to an organization you believe in, explain why doing so is important to you. By talking about how you give, you not only show your kids the importance of giving itself, but you're sharing your values about the issues that matter most to your family.

Our Volunteer Needs

  • Sorting - Bags of donations are received on a daily basis and our volunteers help to sort incoming donations into size, gender and season, as well as shoes, toys, baby supplies, etc.
  • Delivering- Assistance for students and families is requested daily/weekly by social workers, school counselors, etc. Volunteers at The CARE Closet personalize each individual request. Then one of our volunteers delivers the requested items to various schools and agencies that don’t currently have a CARE Closet on site.
    Picking up – There are individuals that would like to make a donation but need help in doing so. Therefore our pick up volunteers help by picking up their donation from their home and deliver it to our main CARE Closet site in Newport, KY.

Want to Volunteer?

These are just a few of the ways that volunteers help The CARE Closet thrive. There are multiple one time volunteer opportunities and events throughout the year. Contact us to learn more.